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How Do Credit Bureaus Make Money?

credit bureausEveryone wants to know what’s in it for the credit bureaus to collect your personal and financial data. Why is it that credit bureaus do not support consumer advocate companies like credit repair? And why do they support non-profit credit counseling services over credit repair companies? If you are a consumer, these are questions you should be asking and expecting answers to.

Everything comes down to dollars and cents, and your information is worth more than you know.



Consumer service related businesses started popping up as people saw particular needs in response to the success of the bureaus. Businesses such as credit repair, credit monitoring, and debt settlement companies opened up to help consumers exercise their right to have accurate, verifiable, and complete credit reports .These companies attempted to help consumers have a fighting chance by assisting their clients with cleaning up their credit and resolving identity theft issues. These companies not only helped consumers with credit bureaus, but also helped them with debt collectors by working closely with consumers to stand up to debt collectors using the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, FDCPA that was passed by congress in 1996. As a result, the consumer advocate companies became a huge threat to the Big 3’s profitability.

With all the fuss the consumer advocate companies were making, the Big 3 subtly started to devalue and block the efforts of these companies to be able to help their clients. The bureaus started seeing more and more consumer disputes. Before they figured out how to monetize the dispute process every time a dispute came through, they would lose money because resolving the dispute cost them money. This is the first reason the Big 3 tried their best to stomp out legitimate credit repair companies like 760Credit.Biz and others across the nation.


The credit bureaus make money by selling all the data they collect about us. They sell two types of data:

1. Consumer credit report data

2. Direct marketing data

Recently, they have gotten into the monitoring business and as mentioned figured out a way to make money from you and me disputing accounts on our report. The Big 3 collects data to sell. Surprise!!! Not really, you knew that already. But did you know that all data is not equal and some data can be sold for more? They make money from you and me disputing accounts on our reports. 

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About the Author:

Michelle Mitchell is a consumer advocate, founder of 760Credit.Biz, a real estate and crypto-currency investor. Fed up with her own circumstances after losing a house in foreclosure and subsequently having bad credit, she sought out to change her own life and realized the true need for consumers to not just have great credit, but get the empowering information to keep, protect, and build their credit. She believes that credit helps to level playing fields. She also strongly believes that credit can be leveraged to build wealth.