About Us, You, and Your Credit

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Who We Are and How We Can Help You

We’re thrilled you want to know more about us, so please, scroll through our info below at your leisure.

Michelle Mitchell, CEO, 760 Credit I walked into the dealer and after they saw my credit score, no problem, I got the best rate and walked out with this beauty. You can do it too.

Why are we called 760 Credit? Let us tell you…

What 760 means to us — and what we work to make it mean for you — is success.

A good credit score is a strong indication that you’re financially healthy and creditworthy. That’s what we aim to help you achieve: the status and access that comes from well-built, accurate credit.

A credit score of 760 is considered “very good” by most lenders and will qualify you for some of the best offers and interest rates.

While 760-or-better isn’t always easy, building good credit is worth your time! Our experience proves that, so much so that we’ve dedicated our lives and careers to helping everyday people achieve better credit.

Think of 760 like the direction we’re pointing toward… Upward! Excellence. The best it can be.

That’s both our goal for your credit and our standard of service to you.

Our Team

Meet the people behind the brand, who give our services their best efforts and a personal touch:

Michelle Mitchell

Founder & CEO

Gisele Alvarado

Credit Consultant

Venus Jones

Credit Consultant/ Processor

Karen Beckles

Credit Specialist/Manager

Kenneisha Jackson

Administrative Assistant/ Processor

Angela Thompson

Credit Educator/ Presenter

”I love what I do. I also was able to start my business using business credit and realized how powerful it is to leverage credit for startups, growth and success.”

Michelle Mitchell,
CEO 760 Credit

What We Do for You

We empower everyday people to gain new financial independence and reach for their dreams.
That’s what your credit should do for you, but it’s often an obstacle instead of an aid. We help turn your credit around and put it back on your side!